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Billy Surgeoner has another High Chair album available “Terra Senza Tempo” can be found on Bandcamp via this link:


The Mynd were a Prog Rock band based in Newton Aycliffe (Co Durham). They were around for most of the seventies starting out around 1971 as a 3 piece with Bobby Surgeoner on Guitar, Billy Surgeoner on Bass Guitar and Vocals and Gordon Larkman on Drums.

Around 1973 Billy acquired a Mellotron and moved on to play keyboards.  Anthony Bradley came in to play Bass.  The influence was mainly bands like King Crimson, Genesis, Barclay James Harvest, Pink Floyd and a dash of Van Der Graaf Generator. The Mynd played mainly in Working Men's Clubs (on Rock nights), the occasional College or University gig and a few gigs in London.  This line-up also played a month long tour of Holland.

Anthony was replaced by John Cockburn in about 1975 and this is the line-up that recorded I Am A River (one of their most commercial songs) and At This Point In Time (one of their longest songs).

Somwhere around late '76 Gordon left the band and Martin Atkins came in on drums.  Martin was more of a ROCK drummer than Gordon.  This line-up continued until the band split up in 1979.  Martin went on to join Public Image Ltd for a few years. 

Billy Surgeoners more contemporary recordings can be found HERE

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