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1979 Joined The Scum, a Shotton Hall School 6th form punk band - I was in the 5th form.  Started writing lyrics and learned C' F' G' Am' A, D, & B chords. Did one gig.
1980 -1984 Became a busker living just off Bayswater Rd, London.  Visited every country in Europe busking my way around. and got involved with the Durham Street Recording Studio.
1984 -  2004 Worked with numerous members of the Hartlepool music scene, writing and recording with some nice people including Micky Yare, Gav Bell, Ian Holdforth, Ian Iredale, Patrick Skelly, Nicky Buck and Tony Waite.  A lot of my live performances at this time centred around raising awareness and funds for the community studio. 

Formed the band Family Politics with John Close - bass, Garry Watson - guitar and Graham Chesterton - Drums. Won the Northern Echo - BAND OF THE NORTH competition, beating my favourite local band the legendary Montgolfier Brothers. It was only our fourth ever live performance! First Prize was a Publishing deal with DJM Records, £2,500 cash, a brand new Bedford van, 2 crates of champagne and a shiny cup.  The band lasted roughly 6 months playing mainly benefit gigs for the striking miners.

1985 Joined Alan King, Colin Butler, Robbie 'Robert' Ryan and Mick Ray, of Montgolfier Brothers fame, re-wrote the songs, rehearsed for 2 months, did 4 gigs then split.

1985 - 1986 Formed a skiffle band with Dominic Richardson - guitar vocals and David Boys - stand up bass/ vocals.  Did about 50 gigs and 50 street busking sessions.  We made a bit of money and even ended up on the TV show TX 45 hosted by Chris Cowey, who later became the producer for Top of the Pops.
1986 - 1990 Became a dad and a husband. Got a job taxi driving, 65 hours a week.
1990 -1993 Got a job selling 'news paper advertising, discovered Bob Dylan and The Levellers.
1994 Formed The Durham Street Refugees with Mick Yare - guitar, Gav Bell / Col Greathead - bass, Tery Quinn - keyboards and Kev Nicholson - drums.  The band was co-opted by Teesside Health Authority because one of their health workers had heard me busking one of my songs about drug abuse and thought it would be a good way to get the message across to the kids.  This resulted in the recording of first album PUSH BACK IN. It sold 1500 copy's through J&K records and got us a gig at the mighty Glastonbury, which we played in 1998, 1999 and 2000.
1998 - 2000 Became a full time jobbing performer/musician/song writer, joined the Musicians Union and started running buskers nights, which I still do. I still do a good amount of real busking to this day.
2000 – Present Played in numerous covers bands, too many to mention, and as a solo performer, paying the bills and bringing up the kids.
2014 Formed Mick Arnell & The Kets with Kieran Row - guitar, Jack Fletcher - drums and James Dochaty - bass.

2014 -2015 Spent a year hamering 'The Kets' into shape culmernating some amaizing performences and gig's, resedenceys and recordings. Met Bri Barns who invited us to play 'Pindrop'. Helped to switch on the Christmas lights at Gatesheads 'Trinity Square' playing infront of four thousand people witch indirectly lead to a three month resedancey at 'The Sage' Gateshead. The Kets are now enjoying 2016 giging everywhere as a three piece with new member Anthony Darton on guitar and backing vocals.   

Released Peterlee Bad Boys EP on July 12th 2015. So don't be tight, buy it here, it's really good!

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