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HOT NEWS - Canada based record label The Beautiful Music have released an EP CD of Peter Hall songs and we are delighted to also make it available 

The band who looked like butter would not melt in their collective mouths.Peter Hall made up and sang songs whilst playing guitar. He snaffled Neil Forcer, baby faced former lead guitarist of local rivals the Candy Ranch while he was at a loose end and put a bass guitar in his hand. Meanwhile psychedelic renegade Mick Stuart from The Prescriptions had nothing better to do either so, having no excuses, joined as well. Graeme Boynton's career as a mad scientist was interrupted by promising him a drum solo at the beginning of the song ‘Shipwrecked’. Darren Howe was later drafted in from draughty Teesside to play bass in a wonderful way.

And so Wendells Parlour were formed for a brief but musically satisfying if not economically viable career. They changed their name, too, and became Savoy. Like the hotel. And the cabbage. That worked a little bit of magic and soon they were playing Camden's sweaty, Brit-Pop dives and getting in the music press. Kerrang! and Melody Maker sang their praises. 

We are most pleased to have available two volumes of their meaty beaty big n bouncy pop music for your enjoyment: their first album 'Wake Up SleepyHead' and its super followup 'Savoy'. Meanwhle we are hard at work ransacking lofts and putting our hands down sofas in order to bring a you a leftovers selection at some future date.

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