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The Reverend Dean Crimdon was born bread and buttered (or should we say margarined) on the dark side on the edge of town (that is West View in Hartlepool, England). After a meteoric Karaoke career in the hotspots 'over West', Dean recruited a bunch of proper wimmin and some blokes who had got guitars for christmas to back his musical endeavours.

This culminated in the recording of some of Dean's favourite tunes which he has foisted upon an unsuspecting public. This CD is what we in the business call 'a charity record' which in this case means all money received will be passed on to the Hartlepool United Disabled Supporters Association.

Meanwhile here is some background reading:

The Legend of H’Angus the Monkey (as visualised by Ridley Scott)

 Whole Lotta Poolie lyrics (as written by Phil Dunn)

I wanna tell you a story, about a monkey I know
When it comes to foolin’ around he really steals the show
Aint exactly pretty, aint exactly small
68, 91, 2003 he’s the greatest of them all (thats the promotion years)

Never met a monkey never met an ape like you
Doing all the things crazy little things you do
You’re the furry story eight foot tall and dark
Give it all you’ve got down at Victoria Park

Gotta Whole Lotta go man
You’re a Whole Lotta Show Man
You’re a Whole Lotta Poolie

Poolies you can do it do it all season long (hung the monkey who hung the monkey?)
Come on you Poolies sing a little H’Angus song
All through the first half, right till the whistle blows
Poolies never stop and everybody knows 

Whole Lotta Rosie lyrics (as originally written by those Australian chaps AC-DC)

Wanna tell you a story' bout a woman I know
When it comes to lovin' oh, she steals the show
She aint exactly pretty She aint exactly small
42-39-56 You could say she's got it all 

Never had a woman, never had a woman like you
Doin' all the things, doin all the things you do
Ain't no fairy story Ain't no skin-and-bones
But you give all you got, weighin' in at nineteen stone

You're a whole lotta woman A whole lotta woman
I gotta whole lotta Rosie 

Honey, you can do, do it to me all night long
Only one can turn, only one can turn me on
All through the night-time Right around the clock
To my surprise, Rosie never stops

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