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Hot News - Arts third selection 'String Theory' is available now

Since being first mesmerised by the spinning reels of an old ferrograph tape recorder blasting out the Beatles and other 60’s pop stuff Art Fixter has been fascinated by the process of recording music. In his teenage years he took up the guitar and began performing with a host of rock n pop type groups around the North East and although he quickly became a specialist in the art of widdleyness his experience also taught him the value of understatement (and even when not to play!).

Over time Art has come up with a bunch of what he calls ‘little tunes’ that occasionally and without warning pop into his head. All of his recordings have been made via his modest home studio in a small room on a high street in an old town once famous for railways. Art admits that he is addicted to the whole concept of recording and layering individual tracks to form a tune. His first album selection is now available containing 26 such tunes performed by Art with guest vocalists Colin O’Hare and Ian Gilson, plus guest guitarist Eric Glass on "Rise above", and a thankyou also to Susan Newton who provided lyrics to certain songs .

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