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Psychedelic Travelling and Music

Alan Snowdon first achieved notoriety at the age of 16 when he drunkenly jumped on stage with Ozzy Osbourne, whereupon he was given a sound kicking by security and then received a hug onstage from Ozzy, a fair trade to be sure.

After a few years hitchhiking and busking around Europe he returned to Hartlepool a changed person, serious about music, and he started to gather likeminded people around himself, becoming a key recording engineer in the early days of the Durham Street Recording Studios. Since 1986 Alan has produced countless pieces of music and worked with thousands of bands and acts of all types both in studios and live.

All the while Alan has been steadfastly making his own music, both solo and with likeminded friends. The two compilations included here represent the main aspects of his output as a musician, solo acoustic guitar compositions and collaborative band recordings (there is a third strand of output, his experimental work but he is a little reluctant to inflict this on an unsuspecting public).

All selections were composed recorded and produced by Alan with some help from various collaborators, most notable being Terry Craven (second guitar on several pieces), Peter Gowland (drums on several pieces), the ever mysterious Jantucket (vocals and flute), and the late and much missed Bryn Collinson (tenor sax).

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