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Hartlepool's one and only new wave punky pop group.

There were three distinct lineups:

DisGuise mk I  Jan 77 - Dec 78 - Peter Scott, Jimmy McKenna, Alan Scully 

JPA ColReleased one single in 1978 'Hey Baby'/'Juvenile Delinquent' on Chiswick records. 'Hey Baby' can now be found on 'The Chiswick Story' CD box set. The song 'Boy in Our Street' is also featured on the 'Good Clean Fun' Chiswick CD compilation. Both songs can be accessed via Ace Records (on CD albums or as individual mp3 downloads). 'Juvenile Delinquent' is now available on Gary Crowley's Punk and New Wave boxed set. 'Chiswick also recorded DisGuise performing 'live in the studio' versions of their 1977 repertoire and some of these may become available in time. There also exists much rehearsal and live recordings of this line up captured by Dave Emerson on his trusty cassette recorder. These therefore are of a very rough and ready sound quality but do capture the DisGuise sound as it developed throughout 1978. A few of these recordings are available. More snippets of info on this lineup can be found on the Bored Teenagers site.

DisGuise outside Longscar Hall

DisGuise mk II Jan - May 79 - Peter Scott, Jimmy McKenna, John Miller: Recorded, performed and called it a day..........well actually it wasn’t that straightforward. John Miller's explosive drumming had been noted when Disguise shared a stage with John’s group White Heat so when Alan left enquiries were made, John agreed to join, and further gigs were performed. This line up did one recording session, from which three songs were captured. 

DisGuise mk III 85 - Peter Scott, Jimmy McKenna, Mike Dixon, Paul Lynagh: Recorded, performed and finally imploded……….as recording facilities came more within reach both Jimmy and Peter made several attempts at recording their songs. Ostensibly these were in a solo capacity however, in the case of Jimmy’s songs he invariably would invite Peter to add his wild and abandoned guitar to the recordings. In the case of former DisGuise era songs these are now available as the Historic Daze album. Jimmy also involved other musicians in order to satisfy the aural demands of particular songs and this led to the brief formation (for one gig only) of the mk III lineup.

DisGuise mk111 live

The Nudist Guys: DisGuise type people performing DisGuise type songs in a DisGuise type manner in the post DisGuise era. Both Peter and Jimmy have revisited their DisGuise era songs on an occasional basis and the first volume of these is now available as well as a video for the song In London.

Other music featuring Jimmy McKenna can be found on Jimmys solo page which includes his imaginary progressive pop group TVA Combination

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