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Formed at the end of the 70’s rock band Armageddon were a who’s who of North East talent: Brendan Healy on keyboards, Franky Gibbon on bass, Barry Alton and Lol Marley on guitar, Eric Green drums and Dave Ditchburn vocals. They even had international management in the form of American Entrepreneur James Dean Brown from San Francisco.

Their sole album was recorded in 1980 at Brian Johnson’s Shieldfield Studio in Newcastle upon Tyne. The album was never released at the time and 40 something years later Dave Ditchburn re-discovered the tapes in his garage. Despite their poor condition Ken McKenzie from McKenzie Media and Barry Alton painstakingly reconstructed them the songs were restored to a remarkable level.

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Daves other group Talisman are also on VainGloriousUK



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