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HOT NEWS: At last the 1974 album by FOGG has been re-released. Guitarist Derek (Dek) Rootham, bassman Dave Robson, drummer Bob Porteous and singer Chris McPherson. You can find the ‘This is It’ album plus previously un released bonus track here:





and here is a link to a recent interview with Dave Robso nand Bob Poteous: 


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1 Wind it Up (Geordie Scene)

2 Captain Moonshine (Geordie Scene)

3 Don't Get Caught in the Rain (Geordie Scene)

4 Dancing to the Music (Geordie Scene)

5 Ask No Questions (Geordie Scene)

6 Scrapbook (Geordie Scene)

7 Wind it Up (German TV)

8 Chris McPherson interview (Geordie Scene)

9 FOGG and GEORDIE jam (Geordie Scene)

In 1971 drummer Ronnie Levy, guitarist Derek (Dek) Rootham, bassman Dave Robson and singer Colin Anderson formed the first FOGG. This line-up made a demo recording when local Agent Ivan Birchill paid for a couple of hours in Dave Wood’s fledgling Impulse Recording Studios, a cover of The Byrds song ‘Old Blue’. This line-up did not last long though, and after a few gigs, as the musical direction of the group took shape, the line-up evolved accordingly with Bob Porteous joining on drums, and then Southern lad Chris McPherson (ex SAS) coming in on vocals.

Meanwhile former Toby Twirl drummer and songwriter John Reed was working in London for United Music Publishing and after hearing the ‘Old Blue’ demo John introduced the band to Derek McCormick. Derek had managed the Moody Blues and had a wealth of business experience and drive, a perfect fit for the band. A showcase gig was organised for the newly named FOGG. Their energetic live set impressed Dutch artist and repertoire man Joop Visser of EMI Records and within months FOGG were Big in London with regular gigs over the course of the next year and the promise of a recording contract.

By 1973 FOGG had honed a bunch of self-written songs and went into Abbey Road Studios to record what became the ‘This is It’ album. This was followed by the release of a series of singles taken from the album, which become minor hits in Germany and Japan. To promote these FOGG embarked on a number of European TV appearances and a non-stop series of one nighter gigs.

Onwards to 1974 and Tyne Tees Television begin the legendary Geordie Scene TV series each Friday Tea Time and FOGG make two appearances this year.

Further gigs continued with FOGG increasingly moving away from the folksier side of their music. This resulted in Chris McPherson deciding to move on. With another Geordie Scene booked for March 1975 the  lads recruited North East legendary rock chanter Dave Ditchburn and went on to record the glam pop classic ‘Dancing to the Music’.

After both Fogg and Geordie had split up Dave Robson and Derek Rootham joined up with Brian Johnson in June 1977 to form a Geordie mk II which performed mainly around the North East until April 1980. Then of course Brian was made an offer to join that well known Australian group and off he goes to tour the World. A few months later Brian returns home and pops round to Dave’s with an early Portastudio tape recorder which he gives to Dave as he hasn’t a clue how to work it. Great thinks Dave and sets to work to make some home demos. There is already a cassette in the machine which on hearing contains rough recordings by the Young brothers of songs for the ‘Back in Black’ album which is already on the way to sell c£50 million copies. A family heirloom perhaps? Well no, Dave was so keen to start recording his own stuff that he erased everything that was already on the cassette!

Bob Porteous has gone on to perform with B15, Raw Spirit and on several projects with notable Tynesider Steve Daggett.

Dave Robson and Dek Rootham continued to write songs, contributing ‘Wrong Side of the Law’ to the Alvin Lee album TX5, and co-writing with Brian Johnson ‘Going to the City’ for the Geordie album ‘No Good Woman’ and ‘Treat Her Like a Lady’ for the USA album of ‘Don’t Be Fooled By the Name’. 

Fogg with Ned Sherrin




Fogg BOB


Fogg derek


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