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Album Songs

01 - Big Towel - Holiday Patrons

02 - Make the Break - Bren and the Brickies

03 - Giro Day - The Occasional Brothers

04 - Jacinta - Sorbonne 68

05 - Sirens - The Escape Committee

06 - Do You Want to Go For It - Eat the Beat

07 - Born in the City - Pangea

08 - Waiting for the Magistrate - The Shockers

09 - Say the Right Words - Ian Minto

10 - Shes Not There - Revolutionary Rabbit

11 - Missing You - Burning the Ice

Buy now for One English Penny - the third compilation of music from the Durham Street Studios of Hartlepool UK - first released in 1987 with original art work by John Winstanley, re imagined by Gavin Bell. The original master tape for this compilation was lost in the great Studio Flood of 1999. These recordings have been transferred with love directly from original cassette copies and given a gentle tidying up to optimise their sonic capabilities for your aural pleasure by Tony Waite.

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