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Album Songs

01 - Walking

02 - Red Hot Mama

03 - This Heart

04 - Tired

05 - Somebody

06 - Long

07 - Go

08 - Nothing

09 - Crying

10 - Stand

11 - Loved

12 - How

Steve’s recollections of this selection: “These recordings were made around 1978/79 at Impulse studios, Wallsend, UK. I do not recall much about the session or why we did it. We just all plugged in and had a party. Mickie Sweeney engineered the session. I have digitised these recordings from a 40-year-old cassette tape. It’s not perfect audio by any means but I hope you will get a sense of the energy and fun from the studio.

Those present that I recall were: Mick Whitaker, Phil Caffrey, Keith Gustaffson, Carl Gustaffson, Arnie Watson, Tony Jobson, John Hampton and myself. There may have been others, forgive me if I forget. Mick mentions Davie Whitaker who must have been there. He also mentions the Backbird Bluebird Pinkbird singers but I don’t recall seeing them”

Further info on Phil Caffrey can be found on the Caffreys website 

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